Kido Coloring Limousines LLC to merge with Allied Limos, Inc.

Insiders in the limousine industry in Denver were caught off guard today by a surprise announcement from Kido Coloring Limousines LLC that it has inked a deal to merge with Allied Limos, Inc.

Allied Limos, which is one of the leaders in Denver airport limousine service, would seem, at least on the surface, to be a strange sort of partner for Kido Coloring Limousines. But Matthew Henderson, the president of the company that has singlehandedly created the very first market for children’s limousines in the entire United States, insists that on a deeper level the union makes extremely good sense.

Matthew Henderson, who goes by the hashtag “The Kid is back,” is of course one of the great revolutionaries in the limousine field, a man who has become famous for defying all expectations and taking directions that no one else could have imagined.

Who, for example, could have dreamed there was such a thing as a market for children’s limousines?—and not only a market, but a mass market?

When, back in 2009, Matthew Henderson announced the establishment of Kido Coloring Limousines, everyone thought he was crazy.




He was going to give little children short rides in long limousines? And he was going to have those children clamoring to their mothers, begging to get into those limousines? But how on earth was he going to manage something like that? That was what all the naysayers said.

But Matthew Henderson pulled it off. He equipped all of his long black stretch limousines (and his limousine buses for larger groups) with the some of the world’s finest finger-painting sets and coloring books. Then he herded the kids into his cars and buses in groups of at least ten to make sure the energy would get up to a high enough level. And then he just let the kids go and told them to do what came naturally. Denver corporate airport limousine services is another services we provide.

And that’s what they did. And as they did, the profits started rolling in. And more and more kids started clamoring for rides in the magical limousines where you could paint and color to your heart’s content, in the company of all your friends.

In the end, Kido Coloring Limousines was one of the most profitable limousine companies in Denver. But for the last five years Allied Limos has been one of the least profitable limousine companies in Denver.

So why the merger?

More on that next time.